June Time Crunch Challenge starts Monday

Hot on the heels of my March Marketing Madness challenge group, the June Time Crunch Challenge starts Monday (June 3)! Registration is $75 and we have various discounts available. German<>English translator and organization/productivity expert Dorothee Racette will be leading the group (I’ll be dropping in!), and she’ll be sending daily organization and productivity challenges and

Marketing a multi-pronged business

Prongs and how to use them As entrepreneurs, many of us have multi-pronged businesses. Some of us work both as agencies and as freelancers. Some of us have lots of slashes in our job titles (“translator-slash-copywriter-slash-editor-slash-language teacher”). I know a freelancer who does dog massage and translation (no kidding). Many of us work in disparate

HSFT in Italian; June Time Crunch Challenge

Over the past several years, I’ve sold the translation rights to my book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, to freelancers working into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian. It’s always fun to see the book come out in new languages. Congratulations to English>Italian translators Chiara Rizzo and Barbara Ronca for the latest

New podcast: How to learn from colleagues

In this episode of Speaking of Translation, Eve and Corinne discuss how to learn from and share information with colleagues, in a way that is both helpful and appropriate. How can newbies learn from colleagues without being invasive? What is (and is not) appropriate to ask from colleagues? How can colleagues learn from each other

Tracking your translated words

File under: food for thought. A colleague and former student e-mailed me this morning and asked how many words a year I translate, and whether I track it. I haven’t tracked it–until now–and I guessed 300,000 words. My reasoning was: conventional wisdom holds that “the average” (whatever that means) full-time translator produces about 500,000 words