Upcoming session of "Getting Started as a Freelance Translator"

The next session of my online course “Getting Started as a Freelance Translator” starts on March 3, and registration is open at the link above. I’ve been teaching this course for about two years, and it’s always fun to see who signs up, what their goals are and what they end up doing with the information. The course is intended for people who are already bilingual but want to learn the business and marketing aspects of running a successful freelance translation business. I’m always impressed with the “go-getter” spirit of many of the students in this class; I need to do a comprehensive survey of the course “alumni,” but I keep tabs on a few of them in cyberspace, including Marianne Reiner (English>French), Yvrose Charles-Sasovetz (English>French and Haitian Creole) John Bunch (German>English) and Petra Schweitzer(English>German).

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