Blogging about my book; Google alerts

Freelance Translators From Scratch is running a number of interesting posts about my book
How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator. Although the book has been out for about a year and a half (and I’m brainstorming about the second edition!) it seems to have gathered a lot of momentum lately; maybe everyone who’s in love with someone bilingual is buying it for Valentine’s Day? Yesterday was actually its highest Amazon sales rank ever, in the 14,000s, meaning that it was the 14,000th most popular book out of the several million on Amazon, and #80 in its category, Job Hunting and Career Guides. At any rate, thanks to the Freelance Translators From Scratch for these articles!

A tip to go along with this: I found out about these posts because I have a Google Alert on my name. Someone in the local freelancers’ group I’m in turned me on to Google Alerts, which she called “a clipping service for the Web, but it’s free!” Of course, unless you add some additional identifiers to your name, such as “Corinne McKay translator” or “Corinne McKay book” (in my case I also have an Alert on my book title) you get alerted to the electronic goings-on of everyone else with your name. Personally I enjoy keeping tabs on the world’s other Corinne McKays as they go about their business selling real estate in Massachusetts or coaching volleyball teams in the Yukon (no, really!); but maybe that’s just me!

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