…no substitute for having a professional translator

Although multilingual websites are in general a good thing, kudos to web strategist Jeremiah Owyang for calling social media powerhouse Facebook on its use of “crowdsourcing” rather than professional translation services for the newly released Spanish version of its website (French and German versions are reported to be in the works.) As one comment on Jeremiah’s blog said, “Can’t Facebook afford professional translators or don’t they take non-English speakers seriously enough to think they should spend some money on them?”

Here’s a link to another blog post on the topic, by Nadine Touzet, that offers some additional insights; Nadine points out (and I’d agree with her) that translation of social media tools is even more complex than, say, technical translation, because of the need to convey underlying meanings, slang, cultural connotations, etc. All the more reason for Facebook to read “Translation: Getting it Right.” Unlike a high-quality translation of Facebook, it’s free!

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