Is Wordfast divorcing Microsoft Word?

During a recent visit to the website of Wordfast, I noticed that Wordfast 6.0 (“Coming Soon!”) promises to be a “Standalone, platform independent translation environment.” There are a few things that pique one’s curiosity here. 1) “Standalone”: does this mean no more having to use Wordfast from within MS Word? 2) “Platform independent”= as in, Linux-friendly?

Up until about two years ago, I ran Wordfast as my exclusive TenT and I loved it. The only stumbling block was that running Wordfast on a Linux computer (mandatory, as our household owns no Windows machines) requires running CrossOver Linux then MS Word then Wordfast. After a while I just got tired of all of those layers of upgrades, and of the fact that I never used the pricey MS Office other than when working in Wordfast. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the trial version of Wordfast 6.0!

Click here for Wordfast’s response to this question.

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  1. Rob Grayson July 18, 2008
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