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Supplier or demander?

When it comes to raising your translation rates, what’s the correct strategy: ask or tell? A colleague and I talked about this at length today, and it struck me as good food for thought. In one sense, other professional service providers don’t phone you up and ask if it’s OK with you if they raise

Join a list, check it twice

Especially in uncertain economic times, it’s critical to find out what other translators are saying about prospective clients before you take on work from them. In addition, even those of us who make a standard practice of checking an agency’s payment ratings before accepting work need to add an additional step: re-checking the ratings for

Some thoughts on financial solvency

Beth Hayden’s blog on blogging recently led me to a fantastic blog on personal finance, Get Rich Slowly (isn’t that a great title?). Although this blog is obviously not related to translation or even specifically to self-employment, it’s loaded with great advice for people in all types of financial situations; and of course, a big

Hire yourself

An excellent piece of advice that I’ve seen in various places (such as the Business Smarts column in the ATA Chronicle) is for self-employed freelance translators to “think of yourself as your own employee.” Taking a third-person look at your business, as if you’re the boss and some other person is the employee, is a

Inserting accented characters in is a fantastic office suite for most translators. It’s free, it’s stable, it’s localized into many languages that the proprietary companies will never touch …there’s a lot to love. For a long time, the only feature of OO.o that I’ve found problematic (other than the fact that its macros are not compatible with Microsoft

Happy Swiss National Day

Although the thought of a traditional bonfire isn’t particularly appealing when it’s supposed to be 98 degrees, Joyeux Premier Août to all the Swiss out there! As an honorary Swiss (being the wife, daughter-in-law and now mother of Swiss citizens!), one of the things I love about Switzerland is how old everything is, as when