Monthly Archive:: September 2008

Happy International Translation Day

The translation blogosphere is abuzz today with posts about International Translation Day, celebrated each year on September 30, the feast of St. Jerome. If you’d like to learn more about St. Jerome and his works, hop on over to Jill Sommer’s post all about him. Every year, the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs/International Federation of Translators

Some thoughts on incorporating

In the past few weeks I have received a number of questions about how, why and when to incorporate a freelance business. I’m not an accountant or an attorney, but I’ll give an overview of the topic along with some of my own thoughts. After starting out as a sole proprietor (a self-employed freelancer who

Link: Tips for translating corporate communications

Corporate communications materials are some of the most difficult and most business-critical documents out there when it comes to translation. The company culture, the target audience, the spin that the company wants to put on its news, the most-used grammatical structures of the source and target languages; all of these enter into the picture when

Update 2: Accented characters in

Bill Hibbert just sent an additional update about his macro for inserting accented characters in Here it is! I’ve made a small change to the macro and its documentation that I never bothered with before because I didn’t think anyone was interested. There has been a known problem since the beginning with autocorrect of

Treadmill desks hit prime time

The treadmill desk seems to be getting a lot of media time lately, and none other than the New York Times featured an article on treadmill desks (entitled “I Put In 5 Miles at the Office”) in its “Well” column. I’ve been using a treadmill desk for about four months, and I think that the

If you want to feel good about your job

…click on over to Ryan Ginstrom’s post entitled “Seven things I love about being a freelance translator.” Bravo to Ryan for this excellent post. Like any job, being a freelance translator has its annoyances, and it’s often fun to vent and commiserate about them. At the same time, I think that it’s important to maintain

New in the translation blogosphere

There are some new blogs and good posts on the translation scene this week, here are a few that I noticed: Identical twin translators (no, really!) Judy and Dagy Jenner, whose business (Twin Translations) I profiled a while ago have started a blog. It’s called Translation Times and is a great new addition to the