New in the translation blogosphere

There are some new blogs and good posts on the translation scene this week, here are a few that I noticed:

Identical twin translators (no, really!) Judy and Dagy Jenner, whose business (Twin Translations) I profiled a while ago have started a blog. It’s called Translation Times and is a great new addition to the translator’s feed reader!

Over at Musings from an Overworked Translator, Jill Sommer has a great post on The top 10 rules for working from home, which is a really helpful list of ways to stay productive in the home office. Make sure to read the comments, where other translators rate themselves on their compliance with the “top 10” rules.

This blog isn’t so new, but I’ve also been enjoying reading Abigail Dahlberg’s Dispatches from an environmental translator’s desk. Abigail has a true niche specialization (focusing on recycling and waste management) and also gives interesting insights into the life of a non-US citizen freelancer working in the US.

Happy reading!

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