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Networking for introverts

Ahead of next week’s American Translators Association conference, many U.S.-based translators are printing résumés, putting the finishing touches on presentations, searching the closet for presentable outfits and dreading the inevitable rooms full of strangers at this sizable event. At the same time, every successful translator has to admit that ours is a business that depends

Speaking of Translation: a new podcast

A few months ago, my colleague and friend Eve Bodeux (of Adventure Translators and Bodeux International) had the idea to start a podcast focusing on translation and the translation industry. Eve asked me to co-host the podcast with her, and we’re excited to present the first episode of Speaking of Translation, which may be the

Online tutorials for

Last night I was at a Colorado Translators Association event at which the presenter (the ever-popular editing consultant Alice Levine), mentioned an online tutorial for the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. This made me realize that there must be similar websites for Here are a few that I’ve found: A really comprehensive resource

Choosing a pricing currency

For translators who work with clients outside their home base countries, choosing a pricing currency can be an important business issue. For the past year or so, pricing in euros (or if you’re European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, pricing in “euro”) has seemed attractive for those of us based in the U.S. When the

Volunteering your translation services

Many beginning translators would like to volunteer their services in order to gain some experience before applying to translation companies and/or direct clients. This is a great idea because it benefits both the translator and the client, and pro bono projects are often less stressful than projects for a paying client; for example the pro

Link: So you want to be a literary translator

Masked Translator has a very insightful and much-needed post for people who want to become literary translators. We’ve all heard the discouraging advice (literary translation doesn’t pay, Americans don’t read literature much less literature in translation, publishers don’t want to use newbies, etc.), but MT gives some very helpful and concrete tips on how to

Can we make a collective resolution?

As the Dow falls below 8,000 for the first time in over five years, Iceland faces the prospect of national bankruptcy and many Americans can’t sell their homes for what they owe on the mortgage, I think it’s time for freelance translators to make a collective resolution. So far (I force myself to preface any