Monthly Archive:: October 2008

Do you have or want a wireless e-mail device?

Unscientific evidence suggests that more and more translators are using BlackBerries, Treos and other types of wireless e-mail devices. Whereas these devices used to be (say until a few years ago) nearly absent from translation-related events, half of the attendees at a recent Colorado Translators Association workshop said that they use a BlackBerry or similar

How not to panic about the economy

In the past few days, I have had several conversations with fellow (experienced) freelancers that went sort of like this: “Until the past month, when I had a slow day or two, I actually enjoyed it. I would clean the house or catch up on my admin work or get together with friends. Now if

How often should you replace your computer?

This is one of those technology questions that a) is critical and b) has no hard-and-fast answer. In earlier times, processor speed doubled approximately every 18 months, but this is not universally true anymore. So, should you keep the old computer until you either max out the hard drive or it starts making odd noises,