Monthly Archive:: November 2008

Using Payment Practices as a marketing tool

Translation client rating services such as Payment Practices are an indispensable way to check out your prospective clients’ creditworthiness before you work for them. Over at About Translation, Riccardo Schiaffino wrote a whole post about client rating services that gives a good overview of the larger lists. Recently, a colleague and I were discussing the

Work less, produce more

Ryan Ginstrom wrote a great comment on my last post about high-earning translators (among other things, informing us that among Japanese translators, the gold standard is now US $200,000!). In his comment, Ryan also observed that “Working long hours only pays off for so long — study after study has shown that when knowledge workers

Secrets of six-figure translators

…with credit to Barbara Stanny, the author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women (which would be a good topic for a post too!) Lately (and this impression was solidified at the recent ATA conference), I’ve noticed a very positive trend in our industry, that of the freelance translator earning over US $100,000 per year. Right now,

New and noteworthy

A few interesting items from the world outside the home office: The pre-release version of Wordfast 6.0 is out. As of this release, Wordfast is splitting into a “classic” version that still works within Microsoft Word, and a standalone version that is platform independent. I saw the standalone version demo in Orlando and I am

Orlando wrapup

This Monday morning, many translators across the U.S. are either heading home from the ATA conference or are already at home, clearing out the inbox and following up on contacts made at the conference. As someone who a) is not a Disney fan and b) hails from a city that is the cultural opposite of

The trouble with auto-responders

In advance of the ATA conference and all of those e-mail auto-responders being turned on, Wendy Hoover of eLocale sent this link to the CTA list serve. The article, from the BBC’s website, tells the woeful tale of a road sign in Wales (“No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only”) for which the