New and noteworthy

A few interesting items from the world outside the home office:

  • The pre-release version of Wordfast 6.0 is out. As of this release, Wordfast is splitting into a “classic” version that still works within Microsoft Word, and a standalone version that is platform independent. I saw the standalone version demo in Orlando and I am planning to test it out on my Linux computer this week.
  • Susanne Aldridge has launched the latest addition to the translation blogosphere, In-house translators- a dying breed. Susanne is one of those fantastic people who sits in the front row of your presentation at the ATA conference and mouths the answers to all of the questions that you ( I mean I…) don’t know, so I’m sure that her blog will be fun to read!
  • If you’re looking for a way to keep your LinkedIn profile looking fresh without actually updating it, you can automatically feed your WordPress blog to your LinkedIn profile. Freelance journalist Michelle Rafter tells you how to do this, and it’s just as easy as she makes it sound; less than a minute start to finish.
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