Monthly Archive:: December 2008

What can a translator outsource?

It’s about time to start thinking about business goals for 2009, and efficiency is always high on my list. One topic that I often think about but have never really acted on is outsourcing. To hear books like The 4-Hour Work Week (imagine yourself in that hammock on the cover!) tell it, outsourcing is one

"We just translate"…or do we?

Early in my freelance career, I failed two translation tests in a row for two different agencies. Both of these tests were marketing/PR-type pieces, and the agencies’ comments went something like this: Agency 1: “Your translation was too faithful to the original. The French text was not very well written, and part of the translator’s

Treadmill desk makeover

After a number of months of using a treadmill desk, I’ve decided it’s a keeper. There are definitely some things (namely proofreading) that I can’t do while on it, and I generally alternate between walking for an hour and sitting for an hour during the day. Still, I find the treadmill desk to be ergonomically

A great blog about

If you use, click on over to Solveig Haugland’s blog Training, Tips and Ideas. She’s the author of the 2.0 guidebook and her blog is full of tutorials on OO.o’s features. I use OO.o almost exclusively and really enjoy it, but some features that I used to find pretty intuitive in MS