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Thoughts on machine translation

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about machine translation, with translators and translation industry watchers either condemning machine translation as useless and damaging to the profession or touting it as the next big thing in the industry. ATA President Jiri Stejskal wrote his most recent column for the ATA Chronicle about MT, reader Polly-Vous

Link: a great post on e-mail security issues

I apologize for all of these nubbins; there’s just too much going on on the web today! If you have any interest in computer security issues, make sure to read Michael Wahlster’s post Secrets on a Postcard, in which he argues (quite persuasively!) that sending confidential documents by standard (unsecure) e-mail is a major security

Word clouds of inaugural addresses

Thanks to reader Dierk Seeburg for sending the link to these word clouds that compare Obama’s inaugural speech to those of Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Lincoln. If you haven’t checked out Wordle, it’s a very cool language/art/geek tool that generates a word cloud that gives greater importance to frequently used words in your text. In

Obama on bilingualism

The inauguration of our 44th president promises to bring many changes to the U.S., and there’s reason to hope that better foreign language education will be among them. The statistics on foreign language proficiency in the U.S. are downright dismal; in 2005, the National Association for Bilingual Education reported that half of the European Union’s

Is LinkedIn useful for translators?

Update to this post: Make sure to read the comments for some excellent tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively. This is just a brief request for input: is LinkedIn useful for translators? I set up a LinkedIn profile last year, around the time I started expanding my base of direct clients. Since then I’ve

Perspectives on 2009

Thoughts on Translation is back from some computer-free vacation time  (the skiing was fantastic, thanks for asking!) and looking forward to the possibilities that the new year always offers. It’s interesting to read and hear what other translators have to say about the current economic climate and its effect, if any, on our work. Just