Perspectives on 2009

Thoughts on Translation is back from some computer-free vacation time  (the skiing was fantastic, thanks for asking!) and looking forward to the possibilities that the new year always offers. It’s interesting to read and hear what other translators have to say about the current economic climate and its effect, if any, on our work.

Just before the holidays, the Colorado Translators Association had a happy hour at which we talked about this topic. The answers really varied; a few people said that their work has been slower, a few said that major clients have asked them to cut their rates, a few said that they made more money during the fourth quarter of 2008 than during the fourth quarter of 2007, you get the picture.

Interestingly enough, my own workflow has been a bit bizarre; a few clients who I think of as semi-regulars have dropped off the map almost completely, but it has been the season of very large jobs. Most of my work is probably in the neighborhood of 3,000-5,000 words with a few 10,000+ word jobs thrown in, but in December I translated two 25,000 word jobs back to back. To me, this seems more like a fluke than a trend, but it was an interesting blip on the economic spectrum.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on Thoughts on Translation in 2008, and all the best for a healthy and lucrative 2009!

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