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The hash mark in Twitter

I haven’t yet started using Twitter, but I have a number of Facebook friends who feed their Tweets to their Facebook status updates (is that enough Web 2.0 references in one sentence?), and I’ve wondered about the meaning of the hash mark (#) that people include in their Tweets. For example “I was talking on

Because I don't talk enough as it is…

I was recently interviewed for two posts on fellow bloggers’ websites; I’m sharing these links not for self-promotional purposes, but in case any readers have an interest in the topics that the interviews cover: The home-based work gurus over at Rat Race Rebellion (Don’t you love that name? Their main site is here)  interviewed me

OT: Freelance frugality

I’m not normally one to talk about personal topics on my blog, but a few people e-mailed me about my last post, asking how the Thoughts on Translation household lives so cheaply. Given that financial management is an important part of making it as a freelancer, I thought that this question merited an OT post.

Dealing with job stress

As job stress goes, translators seem to fall somewhere between anesthesiologists and air traffic controllers (most stressed-out) and florists and historians (least stressed-out). Still, dealing with job stress is a big issue because it has a dramatic effect on both your enjoyment of your job and on your longevity in the profession; and the longer

The elusive Mr. Driver's License

This one will probably make the rounds as fast as the Welsh roadsign/autoresponder, but today’s post on Language Log has a wonderful and humorous warning about the dangers of monolingualism. The BBC News reports that Irish police have been frantically hunting for one “Prawo Jazdy,” a Polish man who had, according to the police, accumulated

Using Facebook friend lists

Social networking websites are becoming a crucial arrow in a freelance translator’s quiver of marketing tools, and it’s important to decide how to use these tools wisely. When I entered the social networking world, I decided (somewhat arbitrarily)  to use Facebook for friends and family and LinkedIn for business contacts. Lately, I’ve noticed some changes

New and interesting on the web

If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading today, you might want to click on over to: Masked Translator’s post Freaking out about the economy, which made me laugh out loud and is a nice complement to Get Rich Slowly’s The national economy versus your personal economy. These posts both drive home an important point (backed

A year of Thoughts on Translation

The first post on this blog appeared a year ago this week, not long after my social media mentor Beth Hayden convinced me to take the blogging plunge. Since then it’s been an exciting year of forcing myself to compose my thoughts about translation and the translation industry into 170 posts, which received a total

Your local business news as a marketing tool

If you’re interested in building up your base of direct clients, keeping up with your local business news is an essential part of the equation. In this economy, I think it’s easy to cross the business news off your list as “all doom and gloom” and therefore not worth reading. However, as today’s post in