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If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading today, you might want to click on over to:

Masked Translator’s post Freaking out about the economy, which made me laugh out loud and is a nice complement to Get Rich Slowly’s The national economy versus your personal economy. These posts both drive home an important point (backed up in the comments on MT’s post as well): the world’s economy might be in free-fall, but if your work volume is holding steady, resist the urge to panic and keep running your business the way you always have. Kevin Lossner’s comment on MT’s post makes a great point: if anything, now is the time to cherry-pick your work and focus on clients who require high-quality translations.

Over at About Translation, Riccardo Schiaffino posted a link to a great resource, the E.U.’s “Summary of Legislation” site in 11 languages. It’s particularly appealing that when you switch the language selection, you get the same page in your newly selected language (rather than being redirected to that language’s home page), so looks like quite a useful site for translators.

Lastly (and admittedly OT), Get Rich Slowly featured a link to a fascinating article on Amish geeks and the Amish attitude toward technology in general. Make sure to read at least to the part where the Amish gentleman sums up the digital culture by saying “you got messages rather than conversations.”

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