Because I don't talk enough as it is…

I was recently interviewed for two posts on fellow bloggers’ websites; I’m sharing these links not for self-promotional purposes, but in case any readers have an interest in the topics that the interviews cover:

The home-based work gurus over at Rat Race Rebellion (Don’t you love that name? Their main site is here)  interviewed me about the basics of starting a home-based translation business. RRR has a subscription-based weekly bulletin of home-based jobs, and they also work in interesting areas such as training military spouses to launch and run home-based businesses that can move with them as their spouses change locations. This isn’t a link exchange, I just think that the RRR folks and their programs are very interesting!

Freelance technology and business writer/blogger Michelle V. Rafter interviewed me about self-publishing using print-on-demand, and the interview focuses on the process of publishing my book How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator. Michelle and I had been virtual friends up until now; I started reading her blog a number of months ago, then we connected on LinkedIn, so it was a lot of fun to have an hour on the phone with her!

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