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Lowering your translation rates, continued

There were so many excellent comments on my last post about translation rates that I think the topic deserves another post. First, thank you to everyone who commented; I think that your insights are more valuable than what I originally wrote, because they represent the viewpoints of people in all different language combinations, geographic areas,

New and interesting on the web

If you’re looking for some interesting reading, here are a few suggestions: Masked Translator on the Spellchecker Conundrum and whether you should use the spellchecker to correct words that you routinely mistype. I was especially intrigued by Ryan Ginstrom’s suggestion to create a macro of your most common errors and run it on every document.

How long does it take?

Many beginning translators are (understandably!) very concerned about how long it will take them to establish a viable business. For obvious reasons, including differences in the demand for certain language combinations, variations in different people’s business and people skills, etc., it’s hard to give hard and fast figures on how long it takes to get