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If you’re looking for some interesting reading, here are a few suggestions:

  • Masked Translator on the Spellchecker Conundrum and whether you should use the spellchecker to correct words that you routinely mistype. I was especially intrigued by Ryan Ginstrom’s suggestion to create a macro of your most common errors and run it on every document. For some reason, I habitually put spaces in the wrong places, for example by typing “tot his” instead of “to this,” but the spell-checker thinks that this is just fine… creating a macro could catch those errors.
  • Jill Sommer on E-mail marketing for translators and More e-mail marketing tips; one of these is a guest post at Naked Translations and one is on Jill’s own blog; they’re both great!
  • Michelle Rafter on Avoiding panic mode when you have too many deadlines. Like Michelle, I am not one of those people who thrives on stress, and I like to make my work environment (well, actually my life in general…) as chaos-free as possible. Her tips are really useful for those times when you just can’t avoid working in crunch mode!
  • Judy and Dagmar Jenner on setting up a basic website for as little as $10 per year using Google Sites. I was especially intrigued by this because it looks as if Google Sites provides a basic level of domain name e-mail (i.e., which WordPress does not do if you purchase your domain name through them; I love WordPress, but I also think that domain name e-mail is the way to go if you want a permanent e-mail address.
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