Utilizing your local World Trade Center

If you’re interested in expanding your international business contacts, the website of the World Trade Centers Association is an excellent resource. The World Trade Centers Association reports that it has 300 centers in 100 countries; most medium to large cities in the U.S. have a World Trade Center. Here in Colorado, we’re fortunate to have the incredibly dynamic WTC Denver, which has a dizzying array of international business events that cover topics such as international letters of credit, import/export opportunities with various regions (China, Indonesia, the Middle East, etc.), pan-European networking happy hours and more. The Denver WTC also partners with local business organizations, and Colorado Translators Association is sending some representatives to their upcoming international business happy hour, sponsored jointly with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce. Membership in local WTC associations can be somewhat expensive; the Denver WTC’s individual membership is $250 per year. However, you can normally either pay a non-member price to attend the events you’re interested in, or as we do with Colorado Translators Association, you can look into purchasing an organizational membership that allows your members to attend WTC events at the member price.

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