A new blog on bilingualism

This isn’t specifically translation-related, but given that many translators live in bilingual households, I think it’s not OT either. My colleague and friend Eve Bodeux recently launched a new blog, appropriately titled Blogging on Bilingualism, with articles and resources of interest to bilingual families or really anyone interested in bilingualism. As Eve’s “About” page says “This is a blog discussing practical approaches and tips for parents who would like to raise their children bilingually or with exposure to two or more languages. Even if your family’s goal is not bilingualism per se, exposure to a second language has many benefits from both social and developmental perspectives. Though my main target audience is families who are bilingual or aspiring to be so, foreign language teachers will also find good ideas for encouraging their students’ international journey.” Enjoy!

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  1. Marcia Jarmel April 13, 2009

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