Translate in the Catskills this summer

If you’re interested in a high-quality professional development opportunity this summer (particularly for EN>FR and FR>EN translators, but other languages are welcome too!), hop on over to Translate in the Catskills, which is running from August 21-23 in Maplecrest, NY (about 1 hr. south of Albany or 3 hrs. north of New York City). The conference’s focus is on target language writing skills and how they can help freelancers rise to the top of the market. The slate of instructors is really top-notch: Chris Durban, Grant Hamilton and Ros Schwartz for French to English and Dominique Jonkers and François Lavallée for English to French, and the conference’s size and location (at the Sugar Maples campus of the Catskill Mountain Foundation should allow for some excellent one-on-one time with the other translators who are attending!

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  1. Judy Jenner June 5, 2009

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