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Link: living on an irregular income

Get Rich Slowly has a great post on How to budget for an irregular income; it’s definitely worth a read on your coffee break. Two of J.D.’s tips that I particularly agree with are: Use separate business and personal accounts and pay yourself from the business account as if you were an employee. I started

Guest post: project manager pet peeves

The recent guest post on Translator pet peeves generated so much interest that I thought it would be interesting to let other players in the industry vent, I mean share their thoughts as well. The following guest post is by Paula Dieli; her bio appears after the post. These pet peeves include my own project

Self-publishing with Lulu

Thanks to Andrew Bell for suggesting this post idea! Years ago, becoming a published author was a really big deal; one had to write up a book proposal, find an agent, shop the book around to various publishing houses and hope that one of them would sign on to publish the book. In the traditional

Some interesting links

If you’re looking for some coffee break reading, you might want to check out: Paula Dieli’s new blog Essential Project Management. Paula just launched this blog, and as far as I know it’s the only one devoted to translation/localization project management. Get Rich Slowly on The high cost of laziness, which reminded me why it’s

Guest post: translator pet peeves

This is a guest post by Interpres incognitus, a US-based freelance translator who prefers to remain anonymous. “The client doesn’t want a translation, he just wants to know what it says.” This is a direct quote from a project manager at a translation agency and the perfect way to introduce my guest post. We were

Links: for your reading pleasure

If the summer weather has you looking for some inspiration, here are some recent blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading. These are in no particular order: Escape from Cubicle Nation (don’t you love the title?) Get Rich Slowly linked to this blog, which has some excellent tips on entrepreneurial topics. Check out the “open source coaching”