Monthly Archive:: August 2009

Reader question: developing translation specializations

To start the week off, here’s a great question that I received from reader Dorota Krysinska. She asks: “…could you explain in your blog how it happened that you started specializing in legal, corporate communications and public health/international development translations? Did you have any background in these fields? I have been wondering how someone like

Where do you keep your money?

One of my business goals for this year (because the new year should really start with the school year, don’t you think?) is to do better with managing my business finances. I already pay myself a regular salary but there are definitely areas for improvement. Specifically, I feel like I’m drowning in bank accounts, but

The importance of scripts

I’m a big believer in writing scripts for important occasions; the first time that I presented at the ATA annual conference (a presentation on free and open source software at the 2004 ATA conference in Toronto), I typed out every single word I was going to say, including a few pre-scripted jokes. When Eve Bodeux