Some coffee break links

Here in the U.S. it’s an honorary Monday, since most of us took yesterday off to celebrate Labor Day (by not laboring!). So, in the spirit of easing back into the work week, here are some (admittedly not translation-specific) links to enjoy on your coffee break:

  • The U.K. Telegraph on 50 things that are being killed by the Internet. How timely; just the other day I was commenting on my own guilt when it comes to #27, not knowing telephone numbers by heart once they’re on speed dial.
  • Get Rich Slowly on The war on stuff. The Thoughts on Translation household has been in purge mode lately (anyone want a broken salad spinner, the pot to a coffee maker that broke 5 years ago or a set of dishes that’s too large to fit in our dishwasher?) so I really enjoyed this post on cutting the clutter.
  • Maybe I’m easy to impress, but I just love Wordle, the website that makes artistic “word clouds” out of text that you submit. It’s fun to use it to make a word cloud out of your blog (or any other website), but I also like to use it to make personalized greeting cards for friends. I’m totally un-artistic, so I type words that remind me of that person (things we like to do together, their favorite movies/books/foods, etc.) into the Wordle box and let it create a nice picture that I can put on a birthday card.
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