Coffee break links

Here are a couple of interesting links for your coffee break reading:

  • Get Rich Slowly on How much house do you need?. As a small house dweller (we have our family of three and my office in an 1,150 square foot ranch with no plans to move or expand) and an envier of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, I really enjoyed this post.
  • White House Notebook on Language skills on display. Whatever your political views, I think it’s impressive that President Obama has placed so much emphasis on language skills during his current China trip. He went to the trouble of greeting his town hall attendees in the local dialect, had the U.S. Ambassador introduce him “in polished Chinese” and even acknowledged his own linguistic disadvantage by telling the audience, “I’m very sorry that my Chinese is not as good as your English, but I am looking forward to this chance to have a dialogue.”
  • Happy reading!

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