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Hello and a belated Happy Thanksgiving from Thoughts on Translation! While I get back on track after taking last week off, we’ll let some other bloggers do the talking…these are some links to posts I enjoyed reading this morning, in no particular order. Have fun with them; Thoughts on Translation will be back with some new posts later this week!

  • Blogging with Beth on backing up your blog. I’ll chime in and say that although (as the spouse of a sysadmin) I obsessively back up everything on my computers, it had never occurred to me to back up my blog until I talked to someone who lost a year’s worth of posts because of a snafu at her ISP. Back it up!
  • Get Rich Slowly on the positive aspects of failure
  • WordCount on why you should obsess over your blog statistics
  • OK, this one is not at all translation-related, but if you’re an avid home gardener here’s Homegrown Evolution on how to make basil ice cubes for cooking in the winter. This one is going in my garden file for next year so that we’re not eating pesto three times a week in August…
  • There’s Something About Translation on international payment methods. Excellent advice, and you can also listen to the most recent episode of Speaking of Translation for more tips on the same topic.
  • Translation Times on free screencast software from Screenr which sounds interesting for embedding screencasts in your tweets.
  • Happy reading and have a great day!

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