Some links to round out the week

Thoughts on Translation has been finishing up a few deadlines this week and prepping for the Colorado Translators Association‘s holiday party, so we’ll let some other bloggers do the talking. Here are some posts that caught my eye this week:

  • About Translation on making a dual monitor out of your laptop and one desktop monitor. Very cool! I have side-by-side widescreen monitors, but this trick would be really useful when I’m working remotely and the remote location (for example, my in-laws’ guest room…) only has one monitor.
  • Translation Tribulations on simulating the Trados look and feel in DVX. Kevin has a solution for translators who want a vertical view rather than the two-column layout (but he makes a good case for why the two-column layout is faster to work in!).
  • The Wealthy Freelancer on Twitter versus Facebook. I also feel “meh” (as the post’s title says) about Facebook’s usefulness for business purposes, and although I joined Twitter with great reluctance, it really works.
  • Training, Tips and Ideas on GNU Image Manipulation Program, or “free Photoshop”. I’m not much of a graphics person, but GIMP has really saved me on a number of occasions!
  • Global Watchtower on Language Line’s decision to offer face-to-face interpreting services. Yes, that’s the company that’s spent years “touting the benefits of remote interpreting services,” so it’s an interesting move!

Have a great weekend!

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