Maybe it's not all about the design

I need to update the look of my website and marketing materials; it’s a task I really struggle with because I’m just not a very visual person. Read me a sentence and I can tell you right away if I like it or not, but show me an array of colors, shapes and layouts and I’m paralyzed. After listening to me obsess over various design decisions (“New professional photograph: smiling or not smiling; if smiling, teeth showing or not showing? New marketing postcard for local clients: Colorado theme, French theme or neither; if French theme, classic or edgy?”), my husband showed me this for perspective. It’s from BoingBoing, and features the late designer Paul Rand’s own business card. While Rand designed some of the most iconic logos of our time (IBM, ABC, UPS, Westinghouse to name a few), his own business cards are exuberantly unremarkable. So maybe the marketing material design is less important if you’re really good at what you do!

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