Want to start a blog? Write 20 posts!

Whenever I give presentations for other translators, I find that I pick up as many tips as I dispense. Last week’s sessions for the Société Française des Traducteurs were no exception and I’ll be describing some of these newly-gleaned tips in some upcoming posts. This one comes courtesy of Sara Freitas-Maltaverne, author of the popular blog (written in French) Les recettes du traducteur; Sara told me that she in turn received this tip from Kelly Rigotti, who blogs at Almost Frugal.

Sara described a simple but brilliant strategy for people who want to launch a blog: first build up an “inventory” of 20 fully-written posts, then take the blog live. Far too many would-be bloggers undermine their credibility and readership by rapidly progressing (as described by Riccardo Schiaffino in his “Blogging 101” presentation) from “I am so excited about my new blog” to “Here’s a preview of the multitude of posts that I’m working on” to “Sorry I haven’t had the time to blog for the past three months” to complete silence. The “blog post inventory” helps avoid this. First, if you can write 20 blog posts, you probably have enough momentum to keep writing even more; the fear of running out of ideas is less of a concern if you’ve already written 20 substantive posts. Second, if you write 20 posts and then put one of them on your blog every week, that’s five months of material. With those 20 posts, you’re way ahead of the three or four posts that many bloggers put up before disappearing into blogging oblivion. I love this tip!

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