Monthly Archive:: April 2010

Switching to a nettop

Desktop PCs are generally intended to last two to five years, so when my desktop turned seven I started to worry. It’s a great computer (home-built using D.J. Bernstein’s standard workstation specifications), but it’s getting a little slow, it sounds like a 747 taking off when it boots up, the front USB ports have fallen

Hot off the press…

Two pieces of breaking news from the translation trenches: Judy and Dagmar Jenner’s book The Entrepreneurial Linguist is now available for purchase. Judy is not only a very successful freelance translator but also has an MBA in marketing, and this book offers “the business school approach to freelance translation.” Many of us in the industry

Some interesting links

Some coffee break reading from the translation/word industry blogosphere: Paula Dieli over at Essential Project Management has a great post on creative ways to save money in times of crisis. Paula reports that her local translators’ association is saving $1,000 and a lot of paper by using electronic voting for their annual elections! You’re welcome

The tyranny of the sub-goal

I learned the expression “the tyranny of the sub-goal” from my husband, who most frequently applies it to chores around the house, as in “We need to paint the living room but before that we have to fix the hole in the sheetrock where we smashed the corner of the washing machine into the wall.”

Interview on Love Your Job

Spanish to English translator Nicole Lisa recently interviewed me for the Love Your Job blog, and the interview is now online here. You can also read the earlier interviews in Love Your Job’s  “5 questions for…” series, with posts about an actor, an architect and a voice teacher who all love their jobs.

Potential clients and sticker shock

Wiktionary defines sticker shock as “Disgust, shock or fright upon learning the price of an item offered for sale,” and this roughly describes the reaction of many would-be translation buyers when they learn the price of a professional translation. This leaves the professional translator with a dilemma: how to handle a sticker-shocked client. In my

A positive and a negative

Happy Monday! To start the week off, here’s some positive and negative news from the language world: Positive: I was just listening to NPR‘s Talk of the Nation while eating lunch, and today’s segment featured an interview with NPR’s longtime (and now retiring) war correspondent, Anne Garrels. Garrels started her career reporting in the former