Monthly Archive:: June 2010

Tranfree is back

Happily for freelance translators everywhere, Alex Eames has revived his free ezine Tranfree. The current issue (71), features two excellent articles, one on “Getting the balance right: preventing and coping with staleness” by Alex himself, and “Tools that have brought smiles to my face, cheer to my heart and success in the mind-over-matter department (in

How to be a better proofreader

If you’re looking to move up in the translation market, more effective proofreading is critical. If you’re the type of person who cringes at the sight of an error in print, make sure that your translations aren’t contributing to the problem, and give your clients that extra quality step that marks your service as above

Thanks to…

Kwintessential for including Thoughts on Translation in their top 10 translation blogs for 2010! And congratulations to the other winners, they’re all in my feed reader! Jonathan Goldberg for interviewing me on his blog “Le mot juste en anglais.” And thanks to Marianne Reiner for the French translation!

Links from the translation blogosphere

Here are links to a few blog posts that I enjoyed reading this week: Jill Sommer on Freelancing means the freedom to say no. I think it’s all too common that freelancers, especially women freelancers, feel that they can never object to a client’s terms or requests. Thanks for this reminder, Jill! Sadly, Paula Dieli