Monthly Archive:: July 2010

New site banner!

As part of an upcoming overhaul of my professional website, I decided it was time for Thoughts on Translation to get a nice custom header image instead of the stock photos I’ve been using for the past two and a half years. Thanks to Brandon Kellogg of Denver-based Superfluent Design for this beautiful (in my

Great translator vacation photo

Summer always brings great opportunities for travel, especially in our internationally-minded industry. And along with those travels come some great vacation photos from colleagues! Here (reprinted with Jiri’s permission) is one that made me laugh out loud: former ATA President Jiri Stejskal having trouble getting any work done during his vacation to the Czech Republic,

Some industry tidbits

Congratulations to the hardworking ATA members who have successfully launched the ATA Science and Technology Division. This division isn’t language specific, it’s open to translators in any language combination who translate science and technology materials. The new division is under the leadership of Acting Administrator Karen Tkaczyk and Acting Assistant Administrator Steven Marzuola. Back in

Seeking input on freelancer/agency relationships

My good friend and colleague Eve Bodeux is gathering input from freelancers and translation agencies for her upcoming presentation “Vendors and You: A Positive Partnership from the Start.” She’ll be presenting this session at the upcoming Vendor Management Seminar in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a freelancer or you work for an agency, what factors are

Ensuring payment from direct clients

In the past few weeks, I’ve spoken with a few freelancers who would like to work with direct clients but are afraid that they won’t get paid. One commented that she really enjoys working with agencies because of being able to check Payment Practices or a similar resource in order to determine the client’s creditworthiness.

The importance of down time

Here at Thoughts on Translation, I’ve been working on a loosely organized series of posts inspired by summer. A few weeks ago I wrote about ways to handle summer as a freelancing mom or dad; now let’s talk about the importance of down time in our freelance lives. In the not-so-distant past (I’m 38 and