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Options for home office phone service

Lately I’ve been thinking about phone service for the home office. I’ve had a custom ring number (an extra phone number that runs over my home phone line but rings differently) ever since I started freelancing. At the time, Internet telephony was not a well-developed option and I didn’t want to switch exclusively to a

Some interesting links

I’ve been really enjoying the string of comments on my last post. Thanks to everyone for your insightful tips and observations, which I’m looking forward to using as inspiration for many more posts! The reader community is what makes this blog so much fun to write, and I really appreciate your time and thoughtful comments.

How much do freelance translators earn? Is it enough?

Beginning freelance translators often want to know (understandably) how much they can expect to earn in our industry. Experienced freelance translators often want to know (understandably) whether they are earning enough for the effort they put into their businesses. So, what do freelance translators earn? The American Translators Association does a compensation survey every few