Monthly Archive:: June 2011

A few random updates

Thoughts on Translation is winding down for vacation, and will be on hiatus until mid-July. A few updates on previously-mentioned issues: Back in March I wrote a post about options for home office phone service. I switched my office line to Vonage Lite (since discontinued by Vonage and repackaged as the US and Canada 300

Free book launch webinar

On Friday, June 24 at 9 AM Mountain (Denver) Time, Eve Bodeux and I will be presenting a free webinar to launch the second edition of my book “How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator.” With over 4,500 copies in print, the first edition of the book has become a go-to reference for beginning and

Translate in the Catskills 2011

Translate in the Catskills 2011 is open for registration! This is a niche conference focused on style and writing skills for translators, and the main tracks are French to English and English to French, although translators in other language combinations are welcome. I’ve been raving about the first edition of Translate in the Catskills since

What about TM discounts?

During the recent discussion on volume discounts, a number of readers brought up the (very valid) issue of translation memory discounts. I feel a can of worms about to open here, but I’ll inject some of my thoughts on TM discounts. First caveat: I am neither a huge fan of nor a heavy user of

Thank you for your votes!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the recent Lexiophiles blog contest for 2011. I’m excited that Thoughts on Translation is officially the 22nd most popular blog by a language professional! And huge congratulations to Judy and Dagmar Jenner for taking the top honors; they deserve it!