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I know that Thoughts on Translation has been a little quiet lately, but I’ve been trying to implement some of my own advice (isn’t that always the hardest thing to do!) and write for other people’s sites as well. The ever-dynamic Jost Zetzsche invited me to write a guest article for his online newsletter The Tool Kit, and I decided to repurpose my presentation from April’s ATA Translation Company Division mid-year conference on 10 ways to raise your profile in the translation industry. Thanks to Jost for this awesome opportunity, and let me know if you have any feedback on the article!

Tomorrow (Wednesday 8/31) morning, my guest post on self-publishing for translators will run on Lisa Carter’s blog Intralingo: a culture of language and thought. I’ll post the permalink to the article as soon as it’s up! Thanks to Lisa for asking me to write about a topic that I haven’t covered much on my own blog; it was a good chance to distill my thoughts on the world of self-publishing and how translators can make better use of it.

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