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Happy International Translation Day

Today is International Translation Day, and this year’s theme (as selected by FIT, the International Federation of Translators) is Translation: Bridging Cultures. Past ATA President Jiri Stejskal wrote a lovely text for the FIT website; here’s an excerpt: The professional translators, interpreters and terminologists represented by FIT member associations build bridges between cultures and facilitate

The best Mox yet

If you haven’t yet seen Alejandro Moreno-Ramos’ latest Mox cartoon on Obsessive-compulsive grammar disorder, do not miss it! Even funnier is Alejandro’s reply to the person who pointed out a spelling error in the cartoon. Last year, I wrote a post about my personal struggle with grammar and spelling perfectionism, and I think that nearly

The ten essentials of freelance translation

There’s something about the number 10. Not just the connotation of “perfect 10,” but the number has an undeniable appeal. This year’s American Translators Association Translation Company Division conference was focused on the number 10 (10 sessions that each featured 10 tips on a certain topic), and people really seemed to enjoy the manageable scale

Tips for first-time ATA conference attendees

Although I just posted a bunch of links yesterday, these are too good not to share! German to English translator Jill Sommer has presented the first-time attendees’ orientation at the ATA conference for many years, and she restyled that presentation into a webinar. It covers topics such as how to prepare for the conference, how

Some interesting links

If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading, here are a few suggestions: From Get Rich Slowly, Eight little-known facts about the Roth IRA. I consider myself reasonably financially literate and I have to say that many of these were news to me. From Spanish to English translator Lisa Carter on Milliver’s Travels, Becoming location independent.