Some interesting links

If you’re looking for some coffee-break reading, here are a few suggestions:

  • From Get Rich Slowly, Eight little-known facts about the Roth IRA. I consider myself reasonably financially literate and I have to say that many of these were news to me.
  • From Spanish to English translator Lisa Carter on Milliver’s Travels, Becoming location independent. Lisa and her partner (both freelancers based in Ottawa, Canada) are experimenting with a three-month move to Costa Rica (insert sigh of jealousy here!). This post talks mostly about their technology setup, which is very interesting.
  • From Duct Tape Marketing, 5 ways to use the Internet to drive people off the Internet, with some great observations about mixing in-person and online networking.

And finally, a reminder: if you’re planning to attend this year’s American Translators Association annual conference (October 26-29 in Boston), don’t miss the early bird deadline on September 23!

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