Free Q&A call with Jost Zetzsche: March 21

Speaking of Translation’s recent Q&A conference call was so much fun (if you missed it, you can listen to a free recording here) that we’ve decided to do another one, this time with translation technology guru Jost Zetzsche. Jost is the author of the widely-read translation technology newsletter The Tool Box, and his book The Translator’s Tool Box: a computer primer for translators is in its ninth edition. Jost also maintains the website Translators Training, which presents “apples to apples” comparison videos of 20 different translation tools.

You can submit a technology question for Jost via our website or via Jost’s Twitter page. Then on Wednesday, March 21 at noon New York time, join us for a free live call where Jost will select and answer some of your questions. So whatever your translation technology dilemma, send it in! For instructions on how to join the free call on March 21, please visit the Speaking of Translation website.

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