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Guest post: The case against blogging

This is a guest post by my colleague and friend,  French to English translator Karen Tkaczyk. Thanks to Karen for submitting it, and she’ll be looking forward to your comments. The Case Against Blogging I don’t blog. I don’t aspire to, and I don’t think most of you reading should either. I hear all the

A change of heart about Trados

For as long as I’ve been using translation memory tools (about 9 years), I’ve been using Wordfast and OmegaT. In general I’ve been happy with both of these tools; I love open source software in general so OmegaT has always had a special place in my heart, and I’ve always enjoyed Wordfast’s ergonomic features, excellent

Kindle edition of my book!

Thanks to the services of BookBaby, the second edition of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator is now available for the Kindle!. It should also be available in the iBookstore, Sony Reader store and Nook store in the near future. I’m normally a DIY kind of author, but after battling with various flavors of

Where I've been…

I’m easing back into reality today after a glorious vacation; my translation partner and friend Eve Bodeux and I took our families on a 100 mile mountain bike camping trip through Canyonlands National Park last week. The seven of us (Eve, myself, husbands and three kids under ten years old) biked the legendary White Rim