Where I've been…

I’m easing back into reality today after a glorious vacation; my translation partner and friend Eve Bodeux and I took our families on a 100 mile mountain bike camping trip through Canyonlands National Park last week. The seven of us (Eve, myself, husbands and three kids under ten years old) biked the legendary White Rim Trail which is jaw-droppingly beautiful, winding through the scenic canyons of the Island in the Sky district. We were lucky to have unseasonably warm and dry weather and perfect trail conditions!

One of the best parts of the trip was having no cell phone reception or computer access for four days; I really needed a break and didn’t think about work more than a couple of times. But Eve made sure that we didn’t forget about our profession entirely; she packed some snacks in her conference swag bag from ATA Boston, and we thought it deserved a pose in front of the Airport Tower rock formation! That’s Eve (the cute one!) on the left, and me on the right. Happy Spring Break to all of you too, wherever you’re spending it.

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