Kindle edition of my book!

Thanks to the services of BookBaby, the second edition of How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator is now available for the Kindle!. It should also be available in the iBookstore, Sony Reader store and Nook store in the near future. I’m normally a DIY kind of author, but after battling with various flavors of Kindle creator software, I decided that BookBaby’s $200 formatting and distribution package seemed like a good deal. There were a few hiccups along the way, and maybe I’m the last person to know that most e-readers don’t support indexes (?) but I was able to send BookBaby the existing PDF of my book’s content and the e-version looks very nice. I’m excited about this new publishing platform and hoping to get the print and electronic versions of my next book, a compilation of entries from this blog, published within the next month or two.

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