Where to find Trados Studio manuals

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about software companies’ response to feedback from translators. I know that finding manuals for Trados Studio is only part of the issue, but I did want to give you a separate post with that information. At least two manuals for Trados Studio do exist:

  • SDL has a free quick start guide to translating and reviewing documents, which you can download as a PDF. As far as I know it’s available in English only, and the examples are for an English to German translation. However it is completely step-by-step and walks you through the basic process of translating or reviewing a document.
  • The full SDL Trados Studio manual, written by Mats Linder, is not free but gets excellent reviews. You can purchase it for US $45 from the SDL OpenExchange Application site or from Mats Linder’s website.

I’m planning to review Mats Linder’s manual on my blog in the near future; stay tuned! And if you’ve used either of these manuals, definitely contribute your feedback in the comments.

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