Let's not kill all the translators…

…because even heads of state still desperately need us! Thanks to English>French translator Nelia Fahloun for mentioning this on Twitter!

Early this morning Paris time, French president François Hollande (himself a recent election winner) put pen to paper to congratulate Barack Obama on his re-election. Hollande’s letter, written in French, is warm and diplomatic. He offers Obama his own congratulations and those of the French people, and expresses his enthusiasm for working with the US on issues such as unemployment and the Middle East. Clearly wanting to finish with a personal touch, Hollande hand-wrote “Cher Barack” (Dear Barack) at the top of the letter, then decided to really make an impression by signing off in Obama’s own language. Hollande’s closing of choice? “Friendly,” (presumably Hollande’s own “translation” of the French closing “Amicalement”) followed by Hollande’s signature at the bottom of the letter. Here’s the original article in Le Nouvel Observateur, which elicited numerous mentions on the Elysée palace’s Facebook page and on Twitter. Tip to Hollande: we know you’re looking to cut spending, but don’t downsize the translation department just yet!

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