Some blog posts you should read!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Thoughts on Translation wordface, with the end of school, the start of summer and a couple of very large (and interesting!) projects. Since I’ve been short on time and creative energy, here are some blog posts that I highly recommend:

  • Lisa Carter of Intralingo on Advice on how to price a book translation. This is a tricky topic even for experienced translators, and Lisa does a great job of mixing the business mindset (actually needing/wanting to make money from translation) with other factors, such as wanting to get a publication credit, and even the fact that literary translators don’t generally produce 2,000 or 3,000 words per day. Lisa also reports that she discusses compensation issues at length in her online course Next Steps in Literary Translation.
  • Judy and Dagmar Jenner of Translation Times on The 50% success rate, or how to make your peace with not winning all the projects you quote on. This post includes some excellent insights on the work that goes into quoting on projects at the high end of the market.
  • Walt Kania of The Freelancery on No more self-inflicted discounts, or how to stop negotiating on behalf of your clients, rather than on your own behalf. We’ve all been there: somewhere deep inside, we feel that our rates are too high, so we’re offering discounts, comps and freebies before the client even asks for them. Also make sure to read the comments for more excellent tips, such as bidding high on projects you aren’t very interested in.
  • Riccardo Schiaffino of About Translation on Simple regular expressions for Trados Studio filters. Riccardo is a translation technology guru and is great at simplifying seemingly complex topics; in addition, I’m the poster child for “people who just don’t get regular expressions,” so I loved this post.  Riccardo includes a great example of a regular expression used to find segments that contain “topcoat” “top-coat” and “top coat” with one search. Great tip!

Happy translating to everyone!

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