Upcoming Speaking of Translation call: international payment methods

On Tuesday, September 24 at 12:00 noon New York time, Eve Bodeux and I will host the next in our series of free Speaking of Translation conference calls. This edition’s topic is International payments: an overview, and if you send or receive payments across borders, you should definitely listen in! The call will last 30-45 minutes, it’s totally free other than any phone call charges (and no sales pitches for any of our services), and you can even submit questions for Eve to answer. Here’s the full description:

Call description: It costs money to make money, but in this call we’ll help you figure out how to spend as little as possible on international payments while keeping as much as possible in your pocket. Eve Bodeux, a frequent speaker on the topic of international payments, discussed this with Speaking of Translation back in 2009 and there have been some (good and bad) changes since then. She will fill us in on the pros and cons of current options including ACH, wire transfers, foreign bank accounts, checks, international currency transfer services and PayPal. She’ll also discuss some considerations related to exchange rates and taxes. If time allows, we’ll take questions from the audience.

As an added bonus, Eve and Corinne will preview the upcoming American Translators Association annual conference, which will be held from November 6-9 in San Antonio, Texas.

To join the call: A few minutes before 12:00 noon New York time, dial 209-647-1600, then enter access code 178865 and press pound (#). If you live outside the U.S. or if you pay by the minute for long-distance calling, the least expensive option is probably to purchase Skype credits and use the Skype “Call Phones” function. This should cost less than 3 US cents per minute.

In addition, you can listen to the archives of our Speaking of Translation podcast and conference calls for free at any time. No charge, no sales pitches, just fun discussions about translation industry topics!

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