Speaking of Translation recordings: now downloadable

Speaking of Translation is a little sideline venture that my friend and colleague Eve Bodeux and I launched a number of years ago. In Internet terms, we’ve been around for about a century, since one of our fist podcasts was a wrapup of the 2008 ATA conference. We started out with a podcast and produced six episodes, then moved to conference calls and we’ve now produced six of those, which you can listen to on our website. In each call, we interview someone interesting in the translation industry, and we don’t use these calls to promote anything other than the fact that we like to talk. The recorded conference call topics are:

  • An overview of international payment methods
  • Finding direct clients at industry conferences
  • Freelance sabbaticals abroad, part I and II
  • Jost Zetzsche answers (almost) all your translation technology questions
  • Insider tips for a successful freelance business

The exciting new development is that in addition to streaming the recordings off our site, you can now download them as well (in mp3 format). So wherever you go, you can take Speaking of Translation with you! If you have ideas of future topics you’d like us to cover, please e-mail us at speakingoftranslation@gmail.com

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