Translation tool interoperability: your input needed!

As the Chair of ATA’s Translation and Computers committee, I meet over lunch at the ATA conference with the translation software vendors who are exhibiting at the conference. It’s a good chance to talk about issues in the industry; last year I asked for readers’ input on what you’d like to tell the translation tool vendors, and then I wrote a follow-up post on the software companies’ responses.

This year’s lunch discussion topic is translation software interoperability, and I’m looking for your thoughts once again. Specifically, I’d love to know:

  • If you exchange files between translation memory programs (i.e. you have Trados and the client has memoQ, or you have DVX and your co-translator has Wordfast, etc.), how well does the process work? What could be improved?
  • What interoperability features would you like to see in future releases of the tools that you use? What would help streamline your workflow?

Here’s what happens to your comments: I compile them into a PDF and hand that out at the vendors’ lunch. Then we talk about your comments and the vendors respond. I take notes on what they say and then write a followup post. Thanks in advance for contributing to this dialogue!

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  1. Amy Lesiewicz November 1, 2013

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