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The work/life balance: a new Speaking of Translation podcast

Last night, Eve Bodeux and I hosted a Speaking of Translation conference call entitled “The freelance juggling act: balancing work, family and the rest of life.” We had the pleasure of interviewing three freelancers: Andy Bell (Scandinavian translator and dad of 3), Marianne Reiner (English to French translator and mom of 2) and Karen Tkaczyk

Your end of year bonus

One of my golden rules of freelancing is “Be the best boss/employer you’ve ever had.” Those of us who worked in the salaried world before going freelance are familiar with both sides of this coin: an employer can enhance your quality of life, and an employer can make your life a waking nightmare. As a

Upcoming Speaking of Translation call

On Monday, December 16 at 9 PM New York time (note: evening! unlike our usual time slot), Eve Bodeux and I will be hosting our next Speaking of Translation conference call. This month’s topic is “The freelance juggling act: balancing work, family and the rest of life,” and we’ve got an all-star panel of multitasking

Translation Journal is for sale

Hopefully you’re familiar with Translation Journal, the online translation magazine that industry veteran Gabe Bokor has been publishing for (get this…) 16 years. It’s a wonderful source of information about our industry, featuring the legendary Fire Ant and Worker Bee column, plus many interesting feature articles in every issue. Gabe is an incredibly smart and

Agencies and direct clients: not better or worse, just different

I spend a lot of time explaining the merits of agencies to translators who work with direct clients, and explaining the merits of direct clients to translators who work with agencies. So, I thought I’d offer my explanation to the whole translation blogosphere and solicit your thoughts! Here we go: Translation agencies are great, because: